We are GameZone! A gaming community working for a better gaming future in Malta, and yes why not… even outside our tiny country which we call our gaming home.



Our history does not take us as back as to the year when the first computer appeared by Charles Babbage back in 1837, but we did manage to build our own history throughout the past couple of years. GameZone started in our early teenage years, when the gaming community in Malta was in its boom. We were curious and in 2010 we started to discover this virtual world for ourselves as a clan of five teenagers. Our first online adventure, which led to several sleepless nights and days locked in our rooms, was all the well-known ‘Call of Duty 2’ game. As a clan we attended quite a few lan parties organised in Malta by gaming communities, such as ‘playREACTION’ and ‘XtremeLimits’. Yet the thought of having our own community never slept! With our own personal skills and experiences improved throughout the years, we were watching our dream becoming true, until this all became a reality in late 2017.



We were always led by the objective of making the gaming community larger and stronger, especially since the sudden decline of the Maltese gaming community in the last years. This encouraged us to open up for the challenges that the formation of a community will bring to our lives. Our goal is not only to make Malta’s gaming community stronger, through the organisation of lan arties and online tournaments, but we are determined to make a better future to the gaming community around the globe. The thoughts and actions of five minds & bodies will surely make an impact that matter for the prospect of the gaming community!



We may be called crazy and unsociable, but we are proud to introduce the 5 young men which are the founders of the GameZone community:

– Anthony “ToNi!” Barbara

– Bernard “DooM” Bonnici

– Silvan “Legend” Busuttil

– Manuel “Cutam” Cutajar

– Matthew “Pullupower” Pulis



Through this page, we have shared our past with all of you out there, but what can we say about our future? We do not want the gaming community to die but to respawn and re-produce not only to a level that we once remember, but with our share we want to contribute to the formation of the largest gaming community that ever existed. We want our goal to be put in practise. We do not mind to be said to ‘get a life’ because us gamers have loads of lives. Long live the gaming community!